3 Lessons Firefox OS Can Teach Us About Transparency

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Transparency is a highly beneficial tool nowadays in business, and with the Firefox OS set to become a completely open platform, we’re sure to see them grow from strength to strength. By allowing transparency, users are able to gain more control over the platform. This has proven to be successful in marketing and is the next step forward for any business.

1. Firefox Operating System

Firefox is working towards making the web open and accessible to everyone, and have developed their own Firefox OS to achieve this goal. This mobile operating system is looking to take on its biggest competitor, Chrome, by reaching a larger audience.

The OS is extremely lightweight for devices and is more than just a browser, taking into account a user’s experience and ease of use with the system.

2. Transparency Outcomes

With people seeking answers as to what affects their lives and how, transparency will help them determine this – in turn, making them trust you more if you’re open and honest with decisions. Understanding the impact decisions have on your users will enable your business to become more thoughtful towards processes and what possible outcomes it may bring.

By becoming transparent, you’re able to gain trust among your users which opens doors for a forum whereby they’re able to give you honest feedback on your processes and offering advice. This is not to say that you need to make these changes, but it will offer valuable insight as to what your users think and how you can improve.

3. Understanding your Users

Sharing is a huge part of our daily lives, with social media on hand at all times, and users are ready to share their experiences with friends. Once the users understand the processes behind the OS, it can lead to word of mouth marketing. By sharing their experiences, users are helping you reach a larger audience, a common goal for all businesses.

By gaining word of mouth marketing from your audience, they’re almost an extension of your business, as they’re spreading information on your businesses innerworkings. If something were to go wrong, users are more inclined to forgive you, based on how your business has been open and honest with them from the beginning.

4. Investing with Transparency

As well as gaining a healthy relationship with users, investors will be more likely to invest in your business. By knowing what the company holds for them, investors are able to make an informed decision before they commit, making it a more appealing way for them to find potential investments. Trust is vital when investors are looking for projects, so ensuring all your cards are on the table – face up – means you have nothing to hide. Build a foundation of trust from the get-go.

Firefox has their eye on the future with transparency and understands the importance of it as a tool for business. Engaging users and getting first-hand feedback builds relationships with users, which is priceless when growing your business.

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