3 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Customer Reviews

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ignoring customer reviewsIn an age where people are striving to have their say, you’ve no doubt encountered negative feedback about your business online. If you’re having a bad day and the criticism stings, you might be tempted to simply ignore the feedback. We’re here to tell you why that’s such a bad idea.

  1. Negative reviews attract attention

One negative review can mean the difference between repeat customers and customers that choose to take their needs elsewhere. As Todd William, founder of Reputation Rhino says, one negative review can be shared over social media and skew audience perception completely.

Says William: “Even if you have 99 out of 100 great experiences that you’re able to share with your customers or clients, if the only experience that’s shared online is the negative one, it’s going to look like 100 percent negative experiences and no positive experiences. So you can’t ignore it.” says Todd William, founder of Reputation Rhino.

Nor should you want to. Leaving the review untouched will only lend the complainant more power. Get the issue resolved satisfactorily and you’ll come out of the situation having learned a thing or two about your customers.

  1. You can turn that negative into a positive

Deal with the complaint, resolve the issue and you can turn an unhappy customer into a client willing to recommend your service to peers. Don’t simply send empty promises into the air; make the change happen.

The way in which you deal with negative reviews mirrors your business practises for online observers, directly affecting the way your business is perceived.

By showing consideration to the complainant and an aptitude for getting the issue resolved, you’ll portray an excellent brand image to the entire world.

  1. The anonymity of the internet means that the truth often comes out

The internet affords people anonymity, meaning they are more likely to express their views. Don’t be afraid of that. Criticism you receive online is often justified, no matter how it’s worded. Drill down into the core of the argument and you’ll likely learn a thing or two about your business.

At VavaVox, we see the inherent anonymity of the internet as a positive, implementing measures that ensure reviews are only ever published by unbiased, third party contributors. We give our users the freedom to express their true feelings about a business. As long as you respond to negative reviews in a constructive way, your company’s image will grow stronger. Users will notice your level-headed approach to criticism and associate this level-headedness with your entire business. This is the image you want to portray.

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