3 Ways to Get Customers to Share Your Content

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Vava-Box_SharesInspiring your customers to share your content on social media is an indispensable method of generating word of mouth about your product or service. When customers share a brand’s content with their social networks, advertising gets exponential as shares motivate more shares.

Maximising sharing of your content on social media is vital to developing a word of mouth strategy as it has enormous potential to get people talking about your brand.

Why do people share?

An understanding of the motivations prompting your customers to hit the share button is essential to maximise your content’s sharing potential.

  1. To connect with others.

Consumers find a sense of community rewarding and sharing content helps them to grow and nourish their relationships.

  1. To help others.

Many consumers are altruistic and share content that they feel will be useful to others.

  1. To define themselves to others.

Setting themselves apart from the crowd is important to many consumers who share content to give others an indication of who they are and what they care about.

  1. To receive validation.

Consumers like to position themselves as in-the-know and share content to feel and appear involved in the world.

But what makes customers share some brands’ content and not others? The psychology of sharing can be used to tailor your posts and maximise their sharing potential.

Tips to make your posts irresistibly shareable:

  1. Produce high-quality content

In our media-saturated society, cookie-cutter content on the same topics that your competitors are covering will not generate word of mouth. The same goes for content without an image to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Crafting original and visually appealing content encourages your customers motivated by any of the reasons listed above to share your content with their networks.

  1. Include your customers in your content

Overly self-promotional content can be a sharing turn-off for your consumers. If you incorporate your clients’ experiences of your product or service into your content, you’ll appeal to all of the sharing motivations listed above to generate word of mouth about your brand.

  1. Focus on value-added content

To appeal to your customers’ needs to connect with others, help others and receive validation, give them something to gain from your content. Incorporate how-tos and infographics into your content strategy to boost social media shares and take advantage of their word of mouth potential.

Producing fresh, useful content that incorporates your consumers’ experiences of your brand will help you generate the online buzz that your business needs for growth and success.

Now, get out there and create content that will get your customers talking…

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