4 Ways to Improve Your Business Profile (and Rankings)

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Vava-Box_Search-engine-optimization-concept-man-pointing-SEOAs a business owner, you’ve made a critical move towards maximizing your brand’s online visibility by signing up to VavaVox. Word of mouth generated through online reviews is the most powerful advertising tool of all, particularly in boosting SEO rankings. But, you don’t just have to sit around and wait for clients to give feedback on your brand…

There are ways to improve your business profile on VavaVox to optimize its SEO-boosting potential. These four pointers will help your business’s reviews rank better, either by improving your SEO directly or by prompting customers to share their experiences of your brand:

  1. Choose a better profile picture

It may sound obvious, but a clear, crisp image that is close enough for viewers to understand what it is they are actually looking at is an excellent prompt to get them talking about your brand. A polished, professional online presence encourages engagement. It’s as simple as that…

Another tip for picking the perfect visual representation for your business on VavaVox is choosing a profile image that clearly represents your brand. A random image of your business’ headquarters is not enough to get people talking. Instead, opt for a strong logo or a professional image of your product or service that shows what you are selling in its best light and acts as a call to action.

  1. Define your service area

Prospective customers always add locations to search terms if they’re trying to track down a particular product or service. As a result, adding your service area to your VavaVox business profile is an excellent way to let search engines know exactly where your business is located (and which areas you serve).

By defining whether your business operates nationally or in specific regions on a local level, your brand’s reviews will rank in all the right places.

  1. Define your products/services offered

Linking your VavaVox business profile to high-quality, relevant keywords by defining the product or service your brand offers helps search engines match your business’ reviews with real terms that people are looking up.

So, how do you optimize your VavaVox keywords for SEO? Simply answer the following question about your business: “Which products or services do we sell?” Be specific about your business’ offerings, as very general keywords may not describe your brand accurately or the market for these keywords may be oversaturated making it difficult for your business to rank.

  1. Add survey questions to your feedback page

Asking your customers for their views on specific aspects of your business’ offerings or performance shows that you take them seriously. If customers feel that your brand listens to what they have to say, they will feel encouraged to share their experiences of your business online…with massive benefits for your SEO.

So, there you have it. With these simple adjustments to your VavaVox business profile, you’ll craft an approachable, professional online presence that customers will want to engage with whilst ensuring your brand outranks competitors with ease.

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