6 Things Customers Wish They Could Tell You

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Your customer is your number one priority, but the question is: how best do you keep them happy? Here are 6 things your customers are thinking (and wish they could tell you) when they shop your store online or IRL.

  1. “Come on… the clock’s ticking.”

Gif 1Nothing is more aggravating than being forced to wait. And wait. Whether your customers are queueing in a line or waiting on a delivery, make sure you’re doing everything in your power to speed up the process!

For queues, ensure you have enough staff on the floor at all times. Prioritise polite, efficient service.

For deliveries, make sure your driver never misses a deadline. If you say thirty minutes for a pizza and the pizza is late and cold, one less person will be dining out on your delivery service.

Making your customer wait is a no-no. So keep to those deadlines, and make queues as hassle-free as possible.

  1. “I’m in a bad mood – placate me”

Gif 3When faced with the Difficult Customer, be armed with a battalion of smiles and a placating attitude.

We all have bad days sometimes, but don’t get into a shouting match with an argumentative customer, even if every bone in your body aches to.

No, take the high road. Be generous, easy-going and helpful. It’ll win you their favour in the long run.

  1. “Why is this returns policy so confusing?”

Gif 2Ah, there’s nothing worse than giving a customer a faulty item, then telling them they can’t get a refund.

In a phrase: it’s not fair.

So, for the sake of fairness, make your returns policy honest, open and transparent. Don’t slide something into the fine print. Be accountable for what you sell and gracious when receiving a return (grinding your teeth while you do it).

  1. “I LOVE sales.”

Gif 4It doesn’t even matter what the discount is: customers love sales.

Whether it’s 10% off or a whopping half-price discount, customers will flock to your store the moment you advertise a banner that says: “SALE”.

Your customers will happily accept the challenge to peruse your aisles in pursuit of a good deal. Along the way, they’ll very likely spend more money than they ever dreamed of doing.

But be warned – sales can become very competitive, so have medals at the ready for those frenzied survivors who make it out alive.

  1. “Does this have my name on it?!”

Gif 5Customers love personalisation. And guess what? They’ll pay more for it!

Whether it’s being extra attentive to a customer at a restaurant or offering them a custom product that isn’t available to anyone else, you can bet your bottom dollar (or rand) they’ll dig deeper into their pockets to make it a reality.

After all, everyone wants to feel extra special.

  1. “Ooh, I love a surprise!”

Gif 6We all like surprises, but we so rarely receive one during our shopping journey.

Why not change that? The next time your customer heads to your till or online store, surprise them with a 20% discount. Just because you can.

They’re very likely to spread the word and you’re certain to make up the money in no time at all.

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  1. Fanie June 28, 2016 at 4:28 pm #

    Great article! Thanks

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