Casual Worker Agreements in South Africa

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Every casual worker is entitled to an employment agreement, no matter the industry our hours. If a formal contract is not suited to your business, a letter of appointment also functions as an employment agreement. Ensuring casual worker agreements are signed by both parties helps your business avoid disputes surrounding the contents.

Different types of casual workers require different types of casual worker agreements. Some details will be specific to the nature of the job, while other items should be included in every employment contract.

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Compulsory information for casual worker agreements:

Employer and employee details

  • Employer’s full name
  • The physical address registered to the business
  • Casual worker’s name
  • A brief description of work

Employment details

  • Place(s) of work
  • Date of employment
  • Working hours
  • Days of work

Payment details

  • Monthly salary or wage/hourly rate and method of calculating wages
  • Rate for overtime and public holidays
  • Any other cash payments, including bonus and commission
  • Any payments in kind and their value
  • Frequency of payment
  • Payment method
  • Any deductions

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  • Any leave the casual worker is entitled to

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Termination of contract or contract period

  • Period of notice required for termination
  • Period of contract, if a fixed-term agreement

Casual worker agreement templates in accordance with South African legislation are available from Law Live.

As of 1 January 2015, amendments to the Labour Relations act imposed restrictions (and exceptions) upon the use of fixed-term employment contracts. If your business intends to employ a casual worker on a fixed-term contract, it is recommended that you brush up on this new regulation in Section 198B.

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Illiteracy poses problems for establishing employment agreements with casual workers in South Africa. If a casual worker is illiterate, the terms must be explained before the employee accepts the agreement. An illiterate employee agrees to an agreement’s contents by placing their mark or signature on the document.




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