Casual Worker Interview Questions

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When hiring a casual worker, it is important to hold an interview to find out whether the worker is suited to the position or project. This interview can take the form of an informal conversation or formal meeting, depending on your business’ needs. Typical casual worker interview questions include questions about availability, rates and past work experience. Questions for casual worker jobs in more technical fields will also touch on skills and abilities.

Suggested Casual Worker Interview Questions:

1. What days or hours are you available to work?
Ensure that the casual worker’s availability matches your daily or weekly requirements. Find out whether evening or weekend work is ruled out. If you’re looking for a casual worker with a flexible schedule, ensure that the worker does not require a rigid working roster.

2. What applicable experience do you have?
Determine the casual worker’s employment history. Both general work experience and experience within the field are relevant when making your decision. Obtain contact details for any of the casual worker’s references. Find out about the casual worker’s education and relevant courses or qualifications completed, such as First Aid for childcare positions or N certificates for technical fields.

3. How do you determine which task needs attention first?
Determine the casual worker’s time management skills with an open-ended question like the above. Alternatively, provide the casual worker with a scenario relevant to your business where they would have to decide which tasks to prioritise over others.

4. What was your experience working for your previous employer?

A casual worker’s relationship with a past employer could indicate their ability to take criticism and work as part of a team. It may also highlight issues that could compromise their work performance which prospective employers need to be mindful of.

5. What are your earning expectations?
Enquire about the worker’s earnings in past jobs. Determine what their transport costs entail. Find out their expectations for an hourly rate, weekly wage or monthly salary.

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