Create A Buzz: 4 Tricks To Developing A Word Of Mouth Strategy

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Word of Mouth StrategyNo matter how good your business is, you need people to know about it. And despite the technological advances society has made, word of mouth is still the most important marketing tool at your disposal.

So, what is needed to get people talking about your brand? It is more than just creating a Facebook and a Twitter page. Successful word of mouth requires strategic thinking and serious work. Here are the most important steps to take when developing your word of mouth strategy:

Use influencers

The age of social media has turned certain users into overnight celebrities with strong followings. If you’re a brand, you’d do well to interact with these people. Choose influential social media celebrities that will appeal to your target audience and consumer base and engage with them in a public way. Ensure that they endorse you, as this can only be good publicity for your brand.

Develop an intimate social media community

Speak to your followers. Ask questions and show an interest. Through constant communication and engagement you will gain favour, win respect and see more customers through your door. See social media as a network of potential customers. Cultivate this network and work on growing it.

Be a thought leader

In the same vein, become an influencer. Identify what makes your business/product unique and make sure everyone knows about it. This information should be made available in as many places as possible; your website, social media, blog and more. Figure out the medium which best suits your product and develop a strategy to become the biggest voice on said platform.

Be honest

Last but definitely not least, be honest. Be true to your business’ identity. The more people that trust your product the more likely they’ll be to support it and share your brand with other people in their network. Trust is essential; a bond that will help you win a great many customers through word of mouth alone. .

Follow these simple guidelines and start growing your brand on social media. But remember one golden saying: your brand is only as good as people say it is.

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