How Customer Reviews Can Improve The Quality Of Employees You Hire

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employee recruitmentEmployers tend to ignore the impact business reviews have on employee recruiting. But the fact remains that just as employers are looking for the best employees, in the same way people are also looking for the best places to work in. For doing so, employees are looking at a number of probable sources with business reviews being one of the most effective ones. After all, these are reviews and feedback given by a third party and hence they have to be genuine. There cannot be a better way to know the inside values and cultures of an organization than through these business reviews.

Employees are always keen to work for a company that would not only employ them but also nurture and motivate them. Even though compensation is important, employees also look forward to a committed and happy work environment where their talent would be appreciated and they would be motivated to go that extra mile. Whether the company offers that or not is not available through any company brochure. The real picture comes out through the picture painted by the outside business world. This is exactly the reason why business reviews are so important in employee recruiting.

Employers generally associate business reviews with enhanced sales and customer satisfaction. They fail to decipher that these reviews are based on transactions between the customer and employees. Positive business reviews of companies such as Google ( and Ernst&Young have always ensured that they attracted the best talent in the industry. After all, working for the best companies is aspirational too for the employees. They are always looking for the best places to be associated with. So many benefits accruing out of business reviews indicates that they should be considered seriously with care as they have an impact on company sales as well as employee morale.

Just out of interest we post the Google recruitment video below. Enjoy!

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