Key Components of Successful Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

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In 2015, word of mouth is changing, and this about-turn is down to a digital revolution precipitated by social media. Customers are talking amongst themselves more than ever, and good service is being rewarded in a big way.

If you’re a company with an active online presence, how do you harness the power of social media – and the internet at large?

The answer is simple. You need a strategy; a strategy which centres around building a community of ‘brand advocates’ – people willing to support your product and tell other people about it.

  1. Be Interactive and Creative

Be at the forefront of creating content that will compel your readers to engage. Don’t just leave it up to bloggers and journalists. Pose compelling questions. Tell people about your business in ways that get them talking. Your online strategies should make the consumer do a double-take.

  1. Target the Influencers

Open up a dialogue with people who are vocal about products like yours or related issues. These are your influencers. They might be journalists, bloggers, YouTube celebrities or fans with a large following. By making sure they know about you and support what you have to offer, you can bank on that support filtering down to their fans, and fans of their fans.

  1. Build a Support-Network

The majority of internet users are active on social media, and if people like, comment or share on these platforms, their friends will know about it. So, if customers comment on your page, respond. Make sure they know you are attentive to their needs and are willing to let them help you make your business better.

  1. Harness Experiential Word of Mouth

Give your customers a free space to talk about their experience of your business. How did you serve their requirements? How was post-sale support? Does your product work? By providing this space, you demonstrate something important – you are genuine. Both good and bad reviews will get your name out there. Don’t censor problems, fix them.

  1. Turn Your Business into a Brand that Works for Itself

By finely honing your public image through social and traditional media, you create an image that automatically generates word of mouth. If your brand has a certain image, it will garner attention from a particular audience. This audience will immediately consist of a target market that reaches out to people from related markets, thereby growing your brand for you.

Although many traditional marketers would have you believe that word of mouth advertising is still young and unpredictable, it is a necessary component for your survival and your success. It needs constant monitoring and innovation to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

At VavaVox, we firmly believe in the power of word of mouth marketing and have developed a suite of reporting tools, allowing you to keep track of what’s being said in real time. Marketing has evolved – make sure you evolve with it.

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