Listen to Your Customers and Earn Customer Loyalty

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customer loyalty

Constantly pursuing customer engagement, through voice of the customer feedback, usually leads to high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

We hear everyday companies telling the world how great their customer service are. After you experienced dealing with them, you are not that impressed. You walk out the door and ask yourself if you would do business with them again? I know I ask myself that.

If I can get the same product at the same price somewhere else, why would I go back to the same supplier every time? It is called customer loyalty. More often than not it is because I experience something I don’t get from their competition.

There are 2 components to create customer loyalty:

  1. Great customer experience
  2. Listening to your customers

Moving Towards Great Customer Experience

Whether you are a flooring specialists, DSTV installer or you are an electrician or plumber, creating great customer experience should be your #1 priority to differentiate you from your competitors and win customer loyalty.

Vavavox found this awesome article on that we would like to share with our readers. The bottom line of the article is that when you actively and consistently go out and ask your customers how you can do better, they will provide the answers for you to improve their buying or service experience.

Listen To Your Customers

It is important to note that when you give your customers what they ask for they will become subconsciously loyal to your company. They will keep coming back for more and you, as business owner, should know that the cheapest form of marketing is a returning customer.

Not surprising that the article is ended with a memo to business owners: “Listen to your customers and good things will follow.”


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