Mark Zuckerberg’s Live QandA With Facebookers

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mark zuckerberg live q&aOne of the biggest business lessons I have learned in the past couple of years was to know your customer and Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, did exactly this recently when he opened his Facebook profile to “have a chat” with Facebookers.

How often are business owners not approachable, but when they lose sales and revenue they either ask the wrong questions or blame the wrong people.

Thank you Mark, you show that even the top dogs must interact with their clients. Keep following Vavavox, we will certainly delve deeper in this topic with a proper article.

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One Response to Mark Zuckerberg’s Live QandA With Facebookers

  1. Takuro September 4, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

    A simple and inignlteelt point, well made. Thanks!

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