Online Reviews search engine rankings

Online Reviews Impact On Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

To get good rankings on search engines you must have quality and relevant backlinks to your website. However in recent years, search engine have brought in human interactions to help them determine search engine rankings. Online reviews and recommendations from trusted sources have thus become more important for the illusive first page ranking. A recent study indicated that […]

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internet connected jackets for security guards

The Rise Of Wearable Technology: How Will It Change Lives?

The South African technology company Jasco has announced that it is in the process of trialing a surveillance device that can be strapped to local security guards. The report, courtesy of Fin24, details a small, low powered device outfitted with GPS, mobile communication features and a video camera located in a high part of the […]

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word of mouth

What Is Word Of Mouth And How Can It Affect Your Business?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely grappled with one simple question throughout your career: how do you get customers to find out about your business? Since the dawn of advertising, marketers have explored the issue, investigating the surest way to help a business become a household name. But unless you’re a brand like Coca Cola whose […]

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