SAA To Improve In-flight Entertainment

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in-flight entertainmentSick of the lack of in-flight entertainment available on short haul air journeys? eNCA reports that South African Airways (SAA) will offer business class customers Samsung tablets to keep them occupied on selected short haul regional flights to promote customer satisfaction.

“Customers have shown a keen interest in this innovation which we are now rolling out  to our Nairobi, Kenya route,” says SAA Head of Marketing Kim Thipe. The Samsung tablet offering was successfully launched on the airline’s Mauritius route in September last year. “We will continue to roll out additional routes after our Nairobi trial, while we continue to monitor customer satisfaction,” says Thipe.

The tablets are pre-loaded with local, African and international content, including magazines, movies, music and games. Cabin crew will distribute the devices once in-flight and collect them prior to landing for safekeeping. Tablets have proven very popular with customers, who found it more practical and convenient to be in control of their audio and visual experience,” says the SAA Manager of Mauritius and Indian Ocean Islands Menon Ramasawmy.

Click here to view the complete article on eNCA.

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