The Rise Of Wearable Technology: How Will It Change Lives?

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internet connected jackets for security guardsThe South African technology company Jasco has announced that it is in the process of trialing a surveillance device that can be strapped to local security guards. The report, courtesy of Fin24, details a small, low powered device outfitted with GPS, mobile communication features and a video camera located in a high part of the vest. As many security guards don’t carry any weapons or bulletproof vests, a panic button is also installed. The product has been tested on local security personnel and cash-in-transit guards in Johannesburg. With technology rapidly improving and shrinking in size, it begs the question: what other uses for wearable tech might exist?

Jasco's internet connected jacket for security guards

Jasco’s internet connected jacket for security guards

Wearable technology is not as new as we might perceive. Since the invention of the wearable clock in the 16th century (the precursor to the modern watch), mobile technology has been valuable. In the here and now, the acceleration of change is simply increasing. We have mobile GPS, smart watches, mobile phones and more, and as the technology improves more and more uses for wearable tech emerge.

Many companies have started to map important data to this sort of hardware. In the future, even individual people are expected to rely on wearable technology to track the status of their personal property, the secureness of their homes, and even their own well being. The technology already exists in phones, watches and GPS installations in cars.

Wearable technology has the potential to change our lives, and many businesses are hoping it will dissuade theft too. In major shopping malls, video surveillance is still a ubiquitous yet outdated tool. But in the future, it should be possible to more accurately track the comings and goings of consumers. That might sound a tad invasive, but GPS tech can be used for very real good, too. Imagine a situation where you’re on our own, in a remote location, in dire need of medical assistance. A piece of equipment, like the invention Jasco is producing for its security guards, could save your life.

Technology is changing our lives right before our eyes, and it’s also having a measurable effect on business. We have the opportunity to track what we do and become more productive as a result. VavaVox has long explored the idea of tracking consumer sentiment. More so than ever before, it’s necessary to use technology to stay ahead of the competition.

And if not? Well, as Oneil Williams from Opposing Views puts it, you “run the risk of being left behind.”


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