Why Customer Experience is More Important than Sales

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A.B.C. – “Always. Be. Closing.”

These words were immortalised by Alec Baldwin in the film Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). In fact, they have become the touchstone, the first and last word, for anyone even thinking about going into sales.

But, their ubiquitousness belies the truth.

Today, you can get the same product from pretty much anywhere. You can buy food at clothing stores and laptops at grocery chains. Or, you can just buy both online without leaving the comfort of your couch. So, why bother leaving the house?

These advances mean you no longer have to go to a single retailer who has a supplier for your desired product. You can go anywhere you choose. The question, is what keeps you coming back to a particular retailer or online store?

The answer: customer experience. In today’s market you can’t just rely on sales, because the truth is that closing a sale today doesn’t guarantee you business tomorrow. Customer experience does that. When everything is available everywhere, your business has to set itself apart. You need a hook.

Sound good? Help yourself and your business out and read on.

1. Don’t Forget your Ps and Qs

The simplest answer is often the most effective.

Be nice. Customers want to feel a certain way about the products and services they pay for. Whether you’re dealing with clients and customers online or in person, the best to make them feel good is to treat them well.

This means saying please and thank you for their business, it means giving them updated information so that they know how, when and where to find you and your product.

Even more importantly, it means effective damage control. By effectively addressing complaints in a polite manner, you show that you care about your customer and are willing to listen to them.

2. KYC (Keep Your Customers)

It costs more to bring in new customers than it does to keep them. By maintaining the clients you have, you can guarantee yourself a steady stream of income, rather than desperately chasing new sales. Actually, the benefit here is twofold. Why? Your clients know people.

3. Word of Mouth Sells

Satisfied customers are guaranteed to tell their friends about you. With the rise of online review platforms and social media, those friends can number in the thousands. By offering one customer a great experience, you can potentially sell that experience to a huge client base.

The customer’s experience is dictated by you. In this case, “You get what you give”, really does ring true. And if you get it right, that ringing sound will be pleasant tune of incoming profits.

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