Why Word-of-Mouth Is The Most Powerful Advertising Tool Of All

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vavavox word of mouthWord-of-mouth is the ultimate advertising tool. As old as communication and trade itself, word-of-mouth acted as marketing before marketing even existed.

But what makes word-of-mouth so powerful? Humans are social creatures and, naturally, our most trusted source of information is each other rather than marketing content designed to make us part with our hard-earned cash.

Reasons people talk about a product or service:

An understanding of why people talk can help your business harness and amplify word of mouth through social media.

  1. Talking makes customers feel good

People have zero motivation to share what a business is doing. Instead, their feelings drive them to share their experiences as they want others to enjoy what they are enjoying.

But what else is in it for them? Sharing information flatters the human ego. Talking about a brand makes any customer an authority, giving them the illusion of importance even if they’re just your average Joe.

  1. People want to feel connected

The desire to be part of a group is one of the most powerful human emotions. Sharing our experiences helps us to cultivate these social bonds with each other. Talking about a brand is one of the ways that individuals achieve this, as we are emotionally rewarded by helping others make the best purchasing decisions.

How word-of-mouth influences purchasing behaviour:

Can you recall the ten most recent significant purchases you made? If you evaluate your reasons for spending your hard-earned cash, chances are most of your purchases were influenced by others’ recommendations.

Without focusing on getting word-of-mouth recommendations for your business, you’re missing out on the most effective means of increasing your customer base.

How to optimise word-of-mouth for your business:

What started as face-to-face sharing of product and brand experiences can now be tracked, attributed and optimised due to digital advances.

As customer service drives word-of-mouth, platforms like VavaVox allowing for effortless communication of good service are vital to helping your business grow. Read VavaVox’s guidelines for developing a word-of-mouth strategy.

While there are countless options available when developing an online markering strategy, word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the most powerful as it appeals to basic human nature.

Your brand is only as good as what people say it is. The more buzz your business generates, the more growth and success it will realise. It’s as simple as that.

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