WiFi Coming To MyCiTi, Making It Easier To Do Business

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Myciti wifiIs it possible to do business while you’re commuting to and from work? If you’re a Cape Town resident who uses the MyCiTi bus, that question will soon have an answer in the affirmative. SouthAfrica.info reports that the City of Cape Town is set to introduce free WiFi to users of MyCiTi buses across the city.

The pilot project will begin towards the end of the year and last for six months before being extended to all 300-odd buses across the city. Each commuter will have access to 50MB of unrestricted access, before being charged a small fee for more.

Cape Town Becoming Digital Hub

This is an important step in the city’s attempts to legitimise public transport and promote business. Cape Town is fast-becoming the continent’s digital hub, with innovative start-ups like our own springing forth and finding solutions to common problems.

Now, the city’s most reliable public transport initiative is adopting the stance that going to and from work is a great opportunity to get work done. At VavaVox, we think it’s a great idea, and can’t wait to see what it will do for local businesses in the area.

Public Access To Internet Is A Hot Topic

Indeed, public access to internet is a hot topic in 2015. The SouthAfrica.info report notes that “internet access and digital literacy [are] widely recognised as enablers of economic participation and improved educational outcomes,” and the measure to introduce WiFi will enable everyday commuters to dedicate more time to work.

MyCiTi was launched in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup as a shuttle to the Green Point Stadium and the airport. In 2011, the first network was launched, and in 2015, 300 buses service an average of 75 000 individual passenger trips during the week.

80 New MyCiti Buses

With plans in place for 80 new buses this year, the City of Cape Town is placing its trust in the MyCiTi project. Thanks to its safe setting and reliable service, the introduction of WiFi only makes this more palatable to the average consumer.

What has your experience of MyCiTi been? Positive or negative, let us know by reviewing the service on VavaVox today.

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